Silverback SB636R


This mad creation was built as a project bike for RiDe Magazine. The chassis was built by Chris Hart from Silverback Manufacturing in Norfolk. Wheels are early Kawasaki ZX-9R. Engine, seat unit, exhaust, forks and brakes are from a crashed 2005 Kawasaki ZX-6R, which was a KMUK press fleet bike and had been one of the original test bikes from the track launch in Japan. It turned out to have a specially-built engine (not tuned but built from carefully selected standard parts – effectively blue-printed) and made a genuine 115bhp. Highlights of the build included learning how to do nickel plating for the beautifully fabricated yokes, and also zinc plating fasteners and anodizing and dying aluminium components. It handled well and wheelied like a mad thing, but by the time it was finished I was sick of the sight of it. It;s now living in a heated garage in Kent.

Sitting in a mate's garage waiting for the bloody DVLA to get back to us with a reg number. Took them six months...
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At a Glance
Absolutely unique, handled brilliantly, went like a rocket, wheelied like a mad thing.

Took forever to build, cost a fortune. I was sick of it by the time it was finished.