1993 Yamaha YZF750R


Former Yamaha UK press test bike, bought from them when I’d put ten thousand miles on it in a few months, including a thrash to the Nurburgring, so they didn’t want it back!

Only trouble was between me buying it and me actually picking it up from the work lockup, it got used for a famous front cover for Performance Bikes, with Kev Smith getting it sideways. That was no problem, but he borrowed it for the weekend and wheelied it for miles, starving the crank of oil and knackering a big end.
Rebuilt the motor with new shells and punted it out through the auction. A few months later I got a call from Yamaha asking what I’d done with it. Turned out some dealer had bought it, clocked it back to a couple of thousand miles, then sold it as a nice clean low mileage ex test bike. Then when it blew up again, they had the brass neck to put it back through Yamaha as a warranty claim! Yamaha spotted it had been one of their test bikes and should have had more than 10k on it….

Taken somewhere at the Nurburgring, a few weeks BEFORE I bought that bike!
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